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2 out of six families in Southern California go to sleep hungry every night. You can help by donating to your local food bank.

Southern California is a Land of Dreams, where one can be blinded by the celebrity of the rich and famous. Yet in this Land of Dreams the reality is that two out of six families in Southern California go to sleep hungry every night. The increased demand for assistance in the most basic of human needs far exceeds current government support. Farm Bill and the Stimulus programs have underestimated the growing numbers of families falling below poverty lines daily. Food banks have quickly become the lifeline for many of these families, yet it is estimated that half of the emergency food organizations in Southern California have to turn people away.


As recession and unemployment continue to dominate our economy, nine out of ten food assistance sites have seen an increase in not only first time clients but an increase upwards of 25% of returning families needing assistance.

Any emergency food provider will tell you that the people who face food insecurity and request assistance all experience shame and embarrassment. There is a shared sense of loss, failure and fear of the future. People reaching out to emergency food providers and food bank have exhausted all other options in securing food for their families.

Economists predict that the current recession and unemployment rate will continue to devastate Americans well past 2013. Conditions of hunger and food insecurity becoming have become much more prevalent in our society.

However, there is hope.

You can help by supporting your local food bank directly, or go to our Donate page. Another way you can help is to pick up a few extra cans of food on your next trip to the grocery store. Finally, you can purchase Hope thru Water, where ever this product is sold. Check our link for a list of retailers where Hope thru Water is sold.

Help us to give hope...and food... to those that need it most.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to feed the hungry in Southern California through a network of food bank partners.



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